New IP because bill autopay glitched.
Servers are back up and running. If any problems contact me somehow I would say txt or call me but no donations so I can't afford that type of service, especially after losing the one and only monthly subscriber we did have. Anyhow enjoy.
I will be updating servers 1 and 9 from Version 1063 to Version 1064. While I am updating I felt like making server 9 number 2 just so that the two server sided perk servers are side by side. Everything is being backed up so this might take a while.
Finally, everything is set back up and working. Thanks Pyrouette for helping me test stuff. I will not go into details but this is a slightly better setup. Simply put I bought a totally new network for the servers. Unfortunately though the IP address is different check the Servers page for the new IP addresses.
Had problems with ISP. Working on fixing the server. Might be reinstalling the OS so, this recovery process to get things working again might take a while.
This was the old server speed -->ETA
This is the new server speed -->ETA
On top of the 10 servers for Killing Floor back up and running I have also launched a Killing Floor 2 server and have updated the Servers page, enjoy :D
All ten servers are back up and running, servers 1 and 9 still only support version 1063 the rest have been updated.
I will finish working on the rest of the servers eventually but server 002 is running and Pyrouette helped me test to make sure it is actually working.
Servers are being moved to a different location because of budget. I have to leave for work soon, so the servers won't be back up till maybe tomorrow.
It's been a while but, Xmas is coming up and I will see if I can't sit and get the servers updated to V1064 during Xmas break.
I have confirmed that everything is working the way it should be working. Server #002 is up to date running V1064 the others will remain V1063 and when I have time to sit for a few days tinkering and testing I will try to update the ScrN perks servers. I don't have enough server power to run all the servers that used to be up so only the three servers are running for now.
A recent donation of $25 bucks with a NET of $23.97 was made on August 30th. This encouraged me to get things updated and back up and running. When I'm able will be updating the servers and making sure they are back up and running. It isn't enough money to do what used to be running but I will make the most out of what has been donated and see what I can do.
Updated server 002 to V1064
Servers have not been updated they are still version 1063. If you would like to play on them then download them using a torrent program. For servers 1-9 you can download the entire folder or the 7zip. If you are a fan of the Coroner's Morgue server download version 1051, the entire folder or the 7zip.
Servers are updated again and are back up and running.
Servers have been updated and are back up and running.
Thank you leo101827 for letting me know that the server was frozen again on map "KF-Bamboo-Forest-beta-1"
Server was found frozen again on the same maps. I have tested and the default map that comes included with the game has been removed from the maplist called "KF-Manor"
I have had a few people contact me about a verison mismatch L85 I have fixed the problem ...if you still have trouble with this let me know.
Per a few requests the server wave size on 009 has been reduced from 888 to 666.
Found the server frozen on "KF-F ChaosTemple" this map has been removed and server 009 is back up and running.
Another map will be removed "KF-Offices" will be deleted from server 09, it was found frozen not allowing connections. Server 09 is back up and ready to play on :) sorry it took so long before it was discovered but can't fix something that I don't know is broken and thanks to reiabsean for letting me know that the server was acting weird that made me get on and discover it.
I have been really busy. Sorry for not posting updates on the server news page. I have been struggling with the server machine crashes and multiple other problems since my last post. Simply put I have done the best I can to fix everything. Please if you have problems with ANYTHING please call me or steam IM me or E-mail me or post on the Forums. All the servers are running fine and if the server crashes I have pretty much fixed it so that it is IMPOSSIBLE for the server not to start right back up within just seconds so please if you can't connect try reconnecting or contact me ASAP I will respond as soon as I am able to.
Servers are back up.
Backing up servers won't take long just got to do a couple things then the rest of the backup process will run in the background while the servers are running.
Servers 1 and 9 are updated to KillingFloor version 1060. They are up and running if you notice any problems let me know. I do expect a lot of crashing because of the maps. It might take some time to go threw all the maps to figure out which ones cause problems. Thank you for your patience :)
I have finally finished updating servers 1 and 9. I also updated some other things that you will notice when you start lvling up. I am currently backing up all my work and notes. Servers 1 and 9 should be ready no later then 10 or 11PM.
I will be working on updating servers 01 and 09 to version 1060. Be warned doing this will cause a lot of problems with maps and tons of other things very likely. I will do the best I can but very likely will be losing a LOT of maps.
Servers are back up and running.
Thank you Scout360pyro for bringing it to my attention that I forgot to restore the current perk progress. The perks will be restored shortly.
I have finally finished fixing the server machine and all the servers. All servers are now set so you can vote for all the difficulties. They have been tested but if there is anything weird or something I may have messed up or missed fixing please let me know.
Server machine is done being set up again, anyway I am finishing up the verification on the KF servers and I will start uploading back to the server machine.
The server machine was installed and all ready to go. I ran into some problems and have been testing some stuff, but it looks like I will need to make some changes. Firstly I will be downscaling from 18 servers to 10 servers. I know that is a lot but the system can't continue to run at the rate it is. But the good news is that I have decided to make it so that all the servers will have the option to vote for all the difficulties. If you have any questions about this process please call the phone number; email; Steam IM; or click on the Forums section to the left. Thank you for your patience during this process.
The server machine has been reinstalled. The servers are being restored back onto the servermachine. Everything should be running fine sometime later this morning.
I have finished transferring the KF servers to my backup machine. The Server Machine OS reinstall process has been started. Will update you later today on the progress.
Server 005 was giving a weird error, short story the server machine is overloaded. All servers will remain shut down until I can successfully backup all data on the machine and perform the OS reinstall.
Server machine crashed again, I will be doing a fresh OS install on the machine. The servers are back up for now but later today or sometime tomorrow, I will start the OS reinstall. Also the time is NOT exact, that is just around the time I got on and discovered the machine had crashed.
The server machine was found crashed again, all servers are back up except server 18 because of the lack of system resources.
Server 001 has been updated with new skins. I was reading Dante's profile page's comments when it encouraged me to give these skins a try. After testing them I decided to put them on server 001.
I found out the server machine was down... It crashed, all servers are back up.
Server 018 has been running since I started the other servers. I didn't list it on the server's page because I didn't see anyone playing it because of the difficulties of trying to connect to it. If you are interested in playing on the server contact me.
Server Machine restarted to apply security updates. This only takes a few minutes by the time you read this the servers are already back up actually lol .
Due to the many problems discovered servers 001 and 017 have been rolled back to version 1058 of killingfloor.
Servers 001 and 017 have been updated to the current version of killing floor 1060, the only problem I have noticed so far is that the EXTREME mode is not allowing the super zeds to spawn in at this point. For the time of the event it seems it will just be regular zeds for now.
Thank you Scout360pyro for sending me a message on steam to let me know that map "KF-Brewery.rom" caused server 017 to stop working. The map has been removed and the server is working fine again, figured while I posted about that map I would also mention I am working on updating servers 001 and 017 to version 1060. I do not have an ETA yet.
All servers are back up and running fine. PLEASE email or call me if you notice anything not working.
Will be updating servers to version 1060. I will post when they are back up and running.
Sorry for the delay but it took a lot longer than expected. The servers are back up and running but, for servers 001 and 017 you will need to roll back to version 1058 of killing floor. Later today I will be working on providing a way to roll back to before KillingFloor was updated in case you want to play on servers 001 and 017. Contact me if you are interested in getting version 1058 installed. Thank you and enjoy.
The servers have been shut down and are being updated to version 1059. I don't expect the servers to be down long. I will let you know the moment I have confirmed the servers are updated and ready to play on again.
I have added a couple of modes to the list of difficulties... you will now be able to vote for mode 11 and 12 to allows cars to spawn on the vehicle maps listed at the bottom of the map list.
Unfortunately server 018 will be shut down because of no funding to keep it up. I promise though to keep at least the 17 servers currently running for one year. The day the servers will be shut down will occur on April/08/2015. Then my promise to keep paying monthly will be over unfortunately I can't continue this bill alone. Please enjoy the servers and because of the loss of server 018 I have set up servers 002-011 with the lvling up maps. Have fun :)
Servers are finished transferring, will continue compression and backups transfer. All server are back up and running.
Server monthly backup has started shouldn't take very long 30-50 minutes.
It was brought to my attention that server 017 was not responding. While I was checking the server log, I saw that the map called "KF-Constriction.rom" had frozen the server. This map has been removed from the server. Thank you Scout360pyro for emailing me and letting me know.
Everything should be working on servers 002-016. I tested and achievements are unlocking. Thank you Jid for bringing this to my attention.
The servers where shut down to be fixed. Servers 002-016 was not unlocking achievements. I am working on fixing achievement unlocking.
All servers seem to be stable and running. Thank you for being patient, Enjoy.
The machine is verifying that all server files are not corrupt. New ETA 30ish minutes.ETA
Server is still being uploaded to the machine new ETA is 5-7 hours ETA
All the servers are currently down. I am working on getting them back up as soon as I can. They are down because I am working on testing hardware limits due to the lack of support/donations. The internet speed here at my home is slow, this is going to take a while, the updated ETA is now 10-13 hours.ETA
I know the speed on the home page is nice that is just for the machine that runs all the servers. The machine that stores all my work, notes, and backups is here at home. Yes it requires a lot of time and money for all these so please be patient.
06/01/2014 I had to find out myself because nobody emailed, called @ 540-440-1952; or messaged me on steam. It was discovered that a map called "TestMap" caused server to disallow people to join, it has been removed. PLEASE people email, call, or message me on steam to let me know of these things. I am usually on in the morning to test everything myself but, I won't be able to forever I will eventually be too busy at work.
05/31/2014 The servers are down while I am copying everything and prepping them for a backup. Once the copying has finished the servers will be started back up. The actual backup process will run in the background while the servers are still running. This backup process usually takes about 24-36 hours.